My journey with SQL Server

Today is a special day for me as the news came out last night. And I thank SQL Server Geeks for providing such a great platform. This has encouraged me to write blogs, speak at the in-person events. The enthusiasm continues with the news like below. SQL Server Geeks is made up of great people … Continue reading My journey with SQL Server


One DMV a Day – 31 Days and it continues

Hello friends. I generally used to start all my blogs with “Hello Geeks” and it sounds different writing my experiences and starting them with “Hello friends”. Change is good and the only thing constant in this world. So it is always good to do something different. And there is a popular question on self-realization on … Continue reading One DMV a Day – 31 Days and it continues

A day with SQL Gurus and a Legend

Welcome to This is my first post on MY site. I will start with a timeline blog related to my passion, SQL Server. On October 4th, 2014 in Bangalore there was session planned on SQL Server, SQL Talks. The event was hosted by the SQL Bangalore user group at Microsoft, Signature building, Embassy Golf Links, … Continue reading A day with SQL Gurus and a Legend