One DMV a Day – 31 Days and it continues

Hello friends. I generally used to start all my blogs with “Hello Geeks” and it sounds different writing my experiences and starting them with “Hello friends”. Change is good and the only thing constant in this world. So it is always good to do something different. And there is a popular question on self-realization on living life. “When is the last time you did something for the first time in your life?” Well for me I have been doing many new things for the first time since last few months.

One of them is to start my One DMV a Day blog series on SQL Server Geeks. I have been an author on SQL Server Geeks since January 2013 and have been very infrequent in writing blogs. In fact I used to blog once in 2 months. Since January 2013 I have blogged only 12 blogs till Sep 2014. And not even single blog since March 2014. We got the SQL Server Geeks site revamped and the change ignited something in me.

The new site is so welcoming for me to start with a series of blogs. And as I started writing it has become a routine now. Today I have reached the milestone very few have achieved by writing a series with daily frequency. 31 DAYS. Yes, I have written more blogs in last month than I have ever written since I started blogging.

I wanted to put up this blog so that I can encourage my friends who are interested to give something back to the SQL Community. All it takes is dedication and time management. As it looks the blogs may take 10-15 min to skim through and a good 30 min – 1 hour to try the demos in them. But to put up such content for any blogger would take at least 2-3 hours at the bare minimum. This includes the content preparation, research, editing, formatting, posting, etc. This is not an easy job when you do it daily.

To write up a deep technical blog the efforts put into the research and time spent will be more than few days in some cases. The fuel which keeps a blogger going is the encouragement from the community. The acknowledgement from the readers who get benefitted one or other way from the blog.

The happiest day for me would be when I receive an advice on my blog. That shows experts are reading my blog. We are working as a community to give back the knowledge we have. A learning curve is built on constructive feedback. Advices like that are always welcome as it increases the scope of my learning. This in turn helps me provide better content for the readers.

Finally I would like to conclude by thanking the core team of SQL Server Geeks and Amit Bansal for encouraging us bloggers to do what we are doing. And a big THANK YOU to the SQL community which has given so much to us and made us what we are today.

P.S: This is not the end to my DMV series. It will still continue…


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