The Next Big Thing – LobsterPot Solutions

I started blogging and speaking at SQL Server events around five years back. I never knew I would make it this far. I have seen many friends who had done this for few days, weeks and months and got back to their routine. It takes a great deal to keep oneself motivated and dedicated towards their passion. I am still here and hope to be here for a while.

From the time I started doing the community bit, there are few people I always looked up to, who have been involved with community and especially SQL Server for more than a decade. They have always kept the new bunch on their toes and guided us in the right direction. I personally thank each and every one of the community helpers without whom, I would not have learned what I know and share today.

I have learnt a lot from the blogs and content shared by these experts. I always felt how wonderful it would be to work for one of these great minds. One such expert is Rob Farley. I have read his blogs and books from time to time. He has been a great mentor and guide when I moved to Adelaide. It is nice to talk to a person who speaks same language in this small and happy town.

To cut to the chase, starting January 2017, I will be joining LobsterPot Solutions and working for Rob Farley. It is hard to express how thrilled I am to break this news.



Till now I have got my hands on few automation projects to build some DBA tools using .NET and Powershell. Along the way did a fair bit of performance tuning and Architecting of HA and DR solutions. I felt this is the right time to get into consulting. I started talking to Rob about guidance. This ended up as a chance for me to work for Rob. And so, I will be adding the Data Platform Consultant suit to my DBA hat and Programming Shoes.

It is a great honor to be working for Rob and a great opportunity to learn every bit I can working for him. I hope to bring a fair bit of knowledge from my experience to the table.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Why you should be at PASS Summit 2015

Hello friends,

I was a first timer at PASS Summit 2014. I have outlined the whole experience here. Summit14 was my first international conference. Attending it was a pleasure and I thank my ex-employer, S&P Capital IQ (McGrawHill Financials) for giving me the wonderful opportunity. This changed my career and took my experience to a new level. It is close to a year after this and I have already made my plans for attending PASS Summit 2015.


There are three international conferences of SQL Server across the world. With doors opening for my first one at PASS Summit 2014, I got a chance to speak at SQLBits XIV conference in March 2015 in London. This was my first international speaking experience. Then came the most awaited conference for me and the whole Asia SQL community. A dream the SQLServerGeeks team had for a couple of years. It turned into reality with support of international speakers and the whole SQL community and specially Microsoft. And I always feel lucky to be part of the SQLServerGeeks team and organize one of the three international SQL conferences across the globe.

Being part of all three conferences, I had observed and followed few advices I got when I was attending the PASS Summit 2014. There is internet for resources and knowledge. These conferences are for building your network and making strong relations. A once in a life time opportunity to meet the experts and friends and make it a life changing experience. I travelled the advised path and I would like to share my experience through this journey.

Being a first timer is no different than being alumni at these conferences. You always meet new people and there is always advances in the technology to discuss. I have blogged about my day to day meet and greet with everyone. But, what changed after the PASS Summit 2014 is the story I have to share. With the inspiration from Brent Ozar’s post, I took the first step and submitted my session for SQLBits XIV. Speaking at the international conference is a wonderful feeling. But even more exciting was meeting many of the personalities I met at PASS Summit again at SQLBits was awesome. And to add, most of them recognized me from the PASS Summit.

This personal connect is what should be built at these conferences. This helped in my communications to the speakers across the globe when I was handling the speaker management for SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. The journey would not have been smooth for me through SSGAS2015 without the connect with the experts and the boost in confidence to communicate with them.

So, the advice I got from a person who I will not name – Attend PASS Summit to Connect. Share. Learn. Yes, the tag line of PASS. Do exactly what it says and it will make perfect sense to maximize what you can make out of the conference.


Happy Networking, 

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A Year of Winter End with a Bang – Microsoft MVP – Yay!!!

This winter has been a wonderful journey for me. The only difference is the winter has been all year long. In September 2014, it started with the SQLServerGeeks site revamp. Then came the One DMV a Day series, the longest one day series on any topic on SQL Server so far.  While the series happened, I got a chance to attend my first international conference at PASS Summit 2014. The US visit in November was a good way to start the peak of winter at -3 degrees. Unfortunately this year I will not be able to make it to PASS Summit, as a new member is about to join my family.

Back in India in December, the preparations were high to announce the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015, Asia’s first and the largest SQL conference. You all know how big the conference has become. Chilling January in India was served with the most awesome event of the year.

Selection of my session for SQLBits has been so overwhelming. My first international speaking experience – The news made my February a long cool wait of my travel to London.

March has presented me with the challenge of London cold. I have hardly seen the sun for next one month as I cherished every moment at SQLBits and visiting family in London. Not to mention, the great masters and experts of SQL world, I met again.

April was quiet warm but thanks to the busy schedule at office which kept me cold in the AC during the day. The conference is closer by a month now and task list has been laid out for the SQLServerGeeks team. By end of April I landed in Australia.

Australia welcomes with the spirit of welcoming winter with me. Day by day I have seen the day getting shorter and colder, the whole May. This also made it easy for me to stick around the laptop and announce our speakers and winners for #SSGAS2015.

June has seen the best in the world speakers announced amidst the chilling shorter days. The speakers are out. The sessions are out. My travel plans to India are final. And just when I thought the winter can’t be any better…

MVP Award

A moment I will cherish forever. A moment to live.  A moment to celebrate. A moment to THANK.

Thanks to SQLServerGeeks which has provided a wonderful platform.

Thanks to Microsoft who made the beautiful product like SQL Server.

Thanks to colleagues and friends for understanding when I had to skip the get togethers.

A big THANK YOU to my family who encouraged me when I spent 4-5 hours every day after and before work for my passion.

Without you all, I will not be what I am today. I promise to continue to do what I do with your support.


Hello Geeks,

I would like to start by THANKING each and EVERYONE who has voted for my session for SQLBits XIV (really an Honour!!). This will be my second international conference I will be attending and my first one where I will be speaking. In November, 2014 I have attended my first international conference at PASS Summit 2014. After returning from PASS I submitted a session for SQLBits just before the submissions closed.

I missed submitting a session for PASS Summit 2014 and didn’t wanted to miss it at SQLBits too. 2014 has been a splendid year for me and the saga continues.

  1. Revamping to the new platform and giving it a new look. Well I had very less to do here but enjoyed very part of it.
  2. Come back with the longest one day series on any SQL Server topic available so far. One DMV a Day – the 80 day sprint.
  3. Attend my first SQL Server international conference at PASS Summit 2014. It was a dream come true meeting all the SQL Superstars.
  4. Submitting a session for an international conference, SQLBits for the first time and getting selected on the first attempt – Indescribable.
  5. And at last the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – LAUNCH OF THE FIRST SQLServerGeeks ANNUAL SUMMIT 2015 – Asia’s first and only SQL Server conference from 27 – 29, Aug 2015.

This is a wonderful time for me. Attending, speaking and organizing at the greatest SQL Server conferences across the globe, I can’t ask for more.


One thing I can request to the SQL Community, you have supported us to get so far. With your support we will go beyond expectations! So, the first thing I request you to do is: Register Now and block your seat!

We have consciously kept the registration fees very low so that no one misses out! Until Jan 31, the fees is only 4,500 INR + taxes. I feel like saying, you are only paying for your lunch and snacks – SQL Server learning is free 🙂

The conference will see 5 tracks, 40+ speakers, 60+ sessions and loads fun! Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data – whatever your forte be, this conference will have it.

THIS IS YOUR SQL CONFERENCE! So, I urge you to help us spread the word. If your company is sponsoring, do not wait for it. Register now and get it reimbursed later as we have the best for less now. We want EACH ONE OF YOU to witness this mega event and we want you to be part of it!

Thank You,

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Vote for my session at SQLBits

Hello friends,

Hope you are enjoying my blogs. After the recent technical ride of One DMV a Day series I have been exploring more ways to get involved with the community. One good news is we are going to start soon with the SQL Server Day events in India. Adding to it I have submitted a session at SQLBits XIV. But for it to get selected I need your vote. Below is the session I submitted.

Deep Dive into Delayed Durability

Submit a session for SQLBits


All you need to do is vote for my session on the sessions page. You have to join and login to vote which is FREE. Please vote, even if you are not voting for my session your vote will get the valuable sessions to the conference.

Note: Search with the session name as there are hundreds of sessions and it is hard to scroll the list. 🙂

Thank You,

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One DMV a Day – The 80 day sprint

Hello friends,

I have been posting about my experiences till 3 weeks back but had took a break for the last three weeks. I had been trying to find my time to write the blog here but have been holding myself till I finish the 80 day blog series of One DMV a Day. I have a story as I have in every other blog post on this site. 🙂

When the SQL Server Geeks site was revamped in late August I had blogged about SQL Server Replication Log Reader Why and How latency occurs. Then I had started thinking about writing more frequently for SQL Server Geeks. Then my dear friend and the SQL Server Master, Amit Bansal has suggested to start a one day series. It sounded good and I thought of writing a 31 day series. There were many other 30 and 31 day series out on the net/web. So I said to myself, why to limit myself? So I did not know how many I am going to write and just started the series.

The initial days was hard as I was never used to writing blogs so frequently. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15… Then I had been to Bob Ward’s SQL Talks in Bangalore.  It was an encouragement to meet people who know me by my blogs. So I decided to write till I am exhausted of time, energy or DMVs. 🙂

The great moment to attend PASS Summit added to my excitement. I pre-blogged and scheduled all the posts for the one week trip of PASS. This definitely took extra time everyday and a toll on my sleep. I hardly slept and wrote almost 4-5 hours every day after and before my working hours. When I turn back, now I see what did that turn into, THE LONGEST ONE DAY SERIES EVER on any SQL Server topic. Can’t describe more about how I feel.

Now here is the complete list of One DMV a Day series that you can read, review, share and learn.

Day 1 – sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats
Day 2 – sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats
Day 3 – sys.dm_db_missing_index_details
Day 4 – sys.dm_io_cluster_shared_drives
Day 5 – sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats
Day 6 – sys.dm_io_pending_io_requests
Day 7 – sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats
Day 8 – sys.dm_db_file_space_usage
Day 9 – sys.dm_db_session_space_usage
Day 10 – sys.dm_db_task_space_usage
Day 11 – sys.dm_os_performance_counters
Day 12 – sys.dm_os_cluster_nodes
Day 13 – sys.dm_os_tasks
Day 14 – sys.dm_os_workers
Day 15 – sys.dm_os_threads
Day 16 – sys.dm_os_schedulers
Day 17 – sys.dm_os_wait_stats
Day 18 – sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks
Day 19 – sys.dm_os_process_memory
Day 20 – sys.dm_os_memory_clerks
Day 21 – sys.dm_os_memory_objects
Day 22 – sys.dm_os_memory_pools
Day 23 – sys.dm_os_memory_cache_counters
Day 24 – sys.dm_os_memory_cache_entries
Day 25 – sys.dm_os_memory_cache_hash_tables
Day 26 – sys.dm_os_memory_brokers
Day 27 – sys.dm_os_memory_cache_clock_hands
Day 28 – sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors
Day 29 – sys.dm_exec_connections
Day 30 – sys.dm_exec_sessions
Day 31 – sys.dm_exec_requests
Day 32 – sys.dm_exec_sql_text
Day 33 – sys.dm_exec_query_plan
Day 34 – sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan
Day 35 – sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats
Day 36 – sys.dm_exec_query_stats
Day 37 – sys.dm_exec_trigger_stats
Day 38 – sys.dm_exec_cursors
Day 39 – sys.dm_exec_background_job_queue
Day 40 – sys.dm_exec_background_job_queue_stats
Day 41 – sys.dm_exec_cached_plans
Day 42 – sys.dm_exec_plan_attributes
Day 43 – sys.dm_exec_cached_plan_dependent_objects
Day 44 – sys.dm_exec_query_memory_grants
Day 45 – sys.dm_exec_resource_semaphores
Day 46 – sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set
Day 47 – sys.dm_tran_locks
Day 48 – sys.dm_tran_database_transactions
Day 49 – sys.dm_tran_session_transactions
Day 50 – sys.dm_tran_active_transactions
Day 51 – sys.dm_tran_current_transactions
Day 52 – sys.dm_tran_version_store
Day 53 – sys.dm_tran_top_version_generators
Day 54 – sys.dm_repl_articles
Day 55 – sys.dm_xe_packages
Day 56 – sys.dm_xe_objects
Day 57 – sys.dm_xe_object_columns
Day 58 – sys.dm_xe_map_values
Day 59 – sys.dm_xe_sessions
Day 60 – sys.dm_xe_session_object_columns
Day 61 – sys.dm_xe_session_tragets
Day 62 – sys.dm_xe_session_events
Day 63 – sys.dm_xe_session_event_actions
Day 64 – sys.dm_db_xtp_memory_consumers
Day 65 – sys.dm_db_xtp_transactions
Day 66 – sys.dm_xtp_transaction_stats
Day 67 – sys.dm_db_xtp_checkpoint_files
Day 68 – sys.dm_db_xtp_checkpoint_stats
Day 69 – sys.dm_db_xtp_object_stats
Day 70 – sys.dm_db_xtp_hash_index_stats
Day 71 – sys.dm_db_xtp_merge_requests
Day 72 – sys.dm_xtp_gc_stats
Day 73 – sys.dm_xtp_gc_queue_stats
Day 74 – sys.dm_db_xtp_gc_cycle_stats
Day 75 – sys.dm_db_xtp_table_memory_stats
Day 76 – sys.dm_db_xtp_nonclustered_index_stats
Day 77 – sys.dm_db_xtp_index_stats
Day 78 – Consolidated DMV Scripts – Part 1
Day 79 – Consolidated DMV Scripts – Part 2
Day 80 – Consolidated DMV series – Final Part

Hope you enjoy the series.

Happy Learning

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