The Next Big Thing – LobsterPot Solutions

I started blogging and speaking at SQL Server events around five years back. I never knew I would make it this far. I have seen many friends who had done this for few days, weeks and months and got back to their routine. It takes a great deal to keep oneself motivated and dedicated towards their passion. I am still here and hope to be here for a while.

From the time I started doing the community bit, there are few people I always looked up to, who have been involved with community and especially SQL Server for more than a decade. They have always kept the new bunch on their toes and guided us in the right direction. I personally thank each and every one of the community helpers without whom, I would not have learned what I know and share today.

I have learnt a lot from the blogs and content shared by these experts. I always felt how wonderful it would be to work for one of these great minds. One such expert is Rob Farley. I have read his blogs and books from time to time. He has been a great mentor and guide when I moved to Adelaide. It is nice to talk to a person who speaks same language in this small and happy town.

To cut to the chase, starting January 2017, I will be joining LobsterPot Solutions and working for Rob Farley. It is hard to express how thrilled I am to break this news.



Till now I have got my hands on few automation projects to build some DBA tools using .NET and Powershell. Along the way did a fair bit of performance tuning and Architecting of HA and DR solutions. I felt this is the right time to get into consulting. I started talking to Rob about guidance. This ended up as a chance for me to work for Rob. And so, I will be adding the Data Platform Consultant suit to my DBA hat and Programming Shoes.

It is a great honor to be working for Rob and a great opportunity to learn every bit I can working for him. I hope to bring a fair bit of knowledge from my experience to the table.


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